Wei Ligang: Peacock Red and Blue, 2019. Ink and acrylic on paper, 124 x 247 cm.

Wei Ligang 魏立剛 (b. 1964)

About the Artist

Wei Ligang’s original life path was in the study and teaching of mathematics. But in the two universities he was at, calligraphy made an appearance first when he was president of the calligraphy society while he was getting his degree at Nankai University in Tianjin and later in Taiyuan where he was assigned to teach mathematics but later convinced the school to let him teach calligraphy. He has lived in Beijing since 1995 where he concentrates on his art.

His math training contributes to his work. His latest abstract style of “Wei Squares” is his interpretation of practice squares found in calligraphy exercise books. His earlier works which are  running grass scripts (Caoshu) on gold ground hints at traditional script and his deep connection to traditional Chinese culture. His works were part of a pioneering exhibition at the British Museum in 2002.

His works can also be found at the Asian Art Museum, San Francisco, USA; San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, USA; the former Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Seattle, USA; Cernuschi Museum, Paris, France; Francois- Henri Pinault Family, France; National Art Museum of China and National Museum of China, Beijing, China.

WEI LIGANG (b.1964): Wreaths Peacock, 2018 Ink, acrylic and paint on paper 98 1/2 x 49 1/4 in (250 x 125 cm)