Give Me The Next

by | 2022 Jun

This title epitomises EKCART ASIA and its collections. It is a play on the title of the famous German art dealer Rudolf Zwirner’s memoir “Give Me the Now”. He is the father of an even more famous global art dealer David Zwirner who has a chain of eponymous galleries.

I started The Juanita Collection 1 (TJC) a few years ago with USD 1 million of my own funds earmarked for a collection I would run myself. However, because two other parties offered commitments, I decided to round out the total acquisition amount to 1.5M with 1.2 M of my own money.

THEN I noticed a jump in prices at the last art fair I attended in HK compared to others over the years so I decided to approach potentially like minded people who will see my vision for ink collections that can appreciate and continually evolve —since like Hollywood and fashion, artists’ names and careers are built up by followers, collectors and museums.

As of this writing, TJC has 2million USD in cash and 1million USD in art.

Our hold is 3-5 years which is about the same time you would wait for a startup to get going but in this case you don’t have to hire anyone or spend on equipment because I’m all the equipment and tech we need for now. Although I know I have much to improve in the tech department.

I intend to grow this collection the old school way with liquidity, transparency and accountability while developing and maintaining relationships within the global art ecosystem to secure the future of our next collections.

And for TJC to win, we have to be ahead of the market and the auctions. In the art world, if you buy it at auction, you may be too late (unless something is super rare)
Like equities, if it’s in news, you are too late. Thus the title of this post, Give Me The Next.