It Takes Two

by | 2022 May

To illustrate my strategy for wanting the current art market to GIVE ME THE NEXT, I would like to use two acquisitions from Autumn 202I where we have been very early into the game thanks to the experience and connections of our London dealer Michael Goedhuis.

The first is TONG YANGTZE (b. 1942) whose work we own in gold paper, which is rare. In the last quarter of 2021, the M+ museum opened in HK to great fanfare and her very large imposing work on white xuan paper dominates the main hall. This is an unbelievable permanent collection exposure for this Taiwanese artist.

Another example in the auction space is TAI XIANGZHOU (b. 1968) whose small work went for over 2x the high estimate in the November 2021 HK sales. I can think of a few reasons – he had a (mostly monochrome black and white) show from March to September 2021 at the Art Institute of Chicago and the image of the auctioned piece was that of “The Auspicious Cow” (Ox zodiac).

Ours is a REALLY beautiful one featured in books and I THINK there are only 2 or 3 existence, one is ours. The other one I saw at Ben Brown, an international gallery with presence in HK and London.

I have many other examples of our artists included in media and publications, participation in Biennales, etc. so please ask if you would like to know more about any of the artists. One of our works which we got for “half off” a Sotheby’s valuation is the cover of a book on Chinese Ink.

We now have around 20 works which I started buying in 2019. All are by mid-life and mid-career artists, all have been at major Chinese and Western museums like the MET, Tate, British Museum, and most if not all have been to Biennales, big art fairs like global Basel, Masterpiece London, TEFAF New York and Maastricht, etc.