YAO JUI CHUNG 姚瑞中 (b 1969 Taipei)

by | 2022 Jul

EKCART Asia bought Yao’s “Good Times: Fishing on the Wild River, 2017 in 2020. This imposing work is made of four panels totalling 130 x 305 cm (each panel is 130 x 76.25 cm)

Yao created Taiwan’s entry when it joined the Venice Biennale in 1997. He is a pro flic artist who excels in various media — photography, sculpture, installation, video, performance art — and has a loyal following in greater China particularly in his home country which is respected for their erudition in all art genres especially Chinese ink.

Yao is an art historian, curator and teacher whose work is visual and intellectual with a strong foundation in Chinese classical painting but using Western materials like the technical pen. This work is an iconic example of this marriage of cultures in the “blue and gold” scenery Yao is famous for.

Another large work, Good Times: Lion Leopard Lake, 2020 was mentioned as a highlight of Asian Art London in the November 2021 issue of Apollo magazine. He has had prestigious exposure in 2022 as the Taiwan Venice Biennale entry again with “Walking Dog and Dragon”, specially mentioned as a New York Winter Show a “pick” in April by William L Coleman, director of collections at Olana museum, New York. In June three smaller works were brought by Taiwan’s Tina Keng Gallery to Frieze New York.

BetaBanter: We bought our quad for USD 80,000. Tina Keng was asking USD 29,000 for works which were smaller than our individual panels. It is not advisable to generalise, but on the surface, that would come to USD 116,000 vs our USD 80,000.

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Yao Jui-Chung at the Tina Keng gallery at Frieze NYC May 2022